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Photo: Embassy of Iceland

Embassy of Iceland

The Embassy of Iceland occupies part of the fifth floor of House of Sweden, overlooking the Rock Creek. The mission of the Embassy of Iceland in Washington D.C. is to promote the political, security, economic and cultural relations between Iceland and the US. In addition to representing Iceland vis-a-vis the United States, it also serves as Iceland´s Embassy to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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    Unique Event Center

    House of Sweden is a one-of-a-kind location that offers 12 000 square feet of meeting and event space. Up to 500 people can gather here.
    Event Center
  • Conference rooms

    In House of Sweden there's a conference room for every occasion.
    Conference rooms
  • Facts about House of Sweden

    House of Sweden consists of the Embassy of Sweden, the Embassy of Iceland, 19 corporate apartments (ranging from 800 to 2960 square feet, 68-242 kvm, in size), an Event Center and an exhibition hall.
    Facts about House of Sweden